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Honeymoon Registry

Honeymoon Registry

The process is really simple!

    • My Wedding Registry is the perfect way to present your wedding registry to your wedding guests.Take the stress away from your family and friends let us provide a simple, elegant and personal way, for your guests to contribute to your wedding. It takes only a few minutes to register and is free to set up. 
    • Invite Guests - Once you have created your registry, invite your guests to contribute to the WeddingRegistry. We can issue them with a receipt and money received goes directly to your holiday.
    • Next step is to sit back and relax. Let your registry take care of itself.  We can give you a list of the people who contributed so  you can send a special thank-you!
  • There are no hidden fees or tricky catches. What you see is what you get…a great site, happy guests and most importantly, a stress-free and happy you!

    What does it cost?
    There are no hidden fees with My Wedding Registry. It´s free to set up, view and use your registry.

    Guests will be charged a small credit card processing fee to cover the costs associated with their purchase.