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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

The Boss

To Linda, travel is trying all the local delicacies and experiencing everything that a destination has to offer; she loves finding hidden gems and thoroughly exploring a destination. With twenty years of experience, Linda asks all the right questions to ensure she knows exactly what her clients want and need. Survivor of campsites and tearful tantrums, Linda knows all about the drama that can accompany a family holiday. Let her book yours! 
Specialty: Europe & River Cruising
Unique Fact:  I nearly died at age two by sliding into a pool while on holidays.
As a kid I wanted to be:  A nurse
Something I always take travelling: A book

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The Talker

Tony is a veteran of the travel industry with thirty years of experience under his belt. Tony loves to really get to know his customers so that he can find the best personalized travel solution, and knows a million and one handy hints that will make your next holiday that much more enjoyable. Tony’s mad air guitar skills keep the entire office entertained on a rainy day; come in and see!
Specialty: Vietnam & India.
Unique Fact: Loves Food, beer & a good shiraz.
As a kid I wanted to be: A Travel Agent (Kudos to Tony for following his dreams!)
Something I always take travelling: Alternative Music & Noise Cancelling Headphones.

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The Cruiser

Barista of the office, Peter loves to crack a joke by the coffee machine to brighten everyone’s morning. Recently celebrating his second year anniversary at Wodonga Travel, Peter is a valuable addition to our team, with five years’ experience in the travel industry. Having a large family, Peter understands all the complications that can go along with booking a family holiday, and can make sure your next family adventure runs smoothly. Recently returned from the Sri Lanka, Peter has experience with a wide range of travel, but in particular has passion for cruising that he loves to share with his customers and everyone in the office.
Specialty: Ocean Cruising.
As a kid I wanted to be: Luke Skywalker.
Unique Fact: Reigning Karaoke champ of the office.
Something I always take travelling: My patience.

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The Rookie

Sarah is the newest member of the Wodonga Travel team and has recently celebrated her 1-year anniversary. She has a passion for adventure and youth travel. From staying in a lock-less hostel room & babying a food-poisoned sister across Scotland, to building mud houses in Africa & snorkeling in Zanzibar, Sarah loves to experience a range of travel styles.
Specialty: Topdeck, Contiki & G Adventures
Unique Fact: Sneezes like a cat
As a kid I wanted to be: A veterinarian
Something I always take travelling: Carabiners. They’re great for clipping shopping bags onto your backpack or handbag so you have free hands.

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